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How Much Do Coins Cost In Smurfs' Grabber?

Hello there friends :)
If you have been playing the new Smurfs' Grabber you probably noticed that you run out of coins to play rather quickly. Beeline pretty much managed to corner you quickly with this one. If you want to continue playing you either have
to wait 2 hours for 1 more coin, or wait till the next day for a mere 5 coins. Of course the other option you have is to head on over to the Coin tab and BUY some coins!

For some reason though, sneaky o' Beeline hides the prices of the coins until you actually tap on the amount of coins you might be interested in buying. This is rather annoying to most as you might already know because it can take a while for the thing to pop up! Up to 20 seconds even! This is why I decided to bring you this nice chart so you could see all the prices in a snap :)

Smurfs' Grabber Coin Prices

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