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Featured Facebook Member of the Week: 9-05-2011

This weeks special person will have to be our friend Stig! That's right Stig, you're taking popper smurfs golden cup this week.
Why has our friend Stig won this week? If you did not already know, Stig has been one of the unlucky smurfs out there that got Papa Smurfs quest which requires you to buy the...

fruit pack in order to plant some darn pineapples. Stigs game is pretty much on lock-down since he can't advance, well, he's been on lock-down ever since we can remember, poor Stig somehow manages to stay in the smurfy spirit and is still with us today. Now that is an ultimate smurfy smurf fan if you ask me.

Stig my friend, your day will come! You just have to wait a little tiny bit longer...

Stig has remained with us through the thick and thin

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