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Who Will Win the Contest? It's Still Up To You

Our Smurfn' Spin off contest is almost over! Who the heck is winning? Well it's our very own Rachel Hurford, that's who. She's got an astounding 15 votes! But second place is not far behind, Angie Schwartz and Tracey Dragon are battling it out with 13 votes. Fighting for third place are Tiffany Boncore and
kiki yao both with 10 votes. And the underdog will have to be Johna Armogida who just entered recently but managed to get 8 votes :)

The day is still young and the contest doesn't end till midnight! If you have not yet voted then what the heck are you waiting for! you can vote for as many beachy villages as you want just go and show your support, trust me, they would really appreciate that little tiny click :)

Remember, whoever has the most votes by midnight tonight will win smurfy member of the week! and will also get the chance to have a full panoramic shot of their village immortalized in the MyVillage site :)

Look at all the villages and Vote here:
One Last Beachy Moment Contest

Here are all our friends that participated:
:: Angie Schwartz 
:: Rachel Hurford
:: Tracey Dragon 
★ :: Tiffany Boncore 
★ :: Josh Annis
★ :: Crystal Annis
★ :: Deena Sawh
★ :: Sheryn Yeoh
★ :: Daniel Yamamoto
★ :: kiki yao
★ :: Johna Armogida
Smurfn' Smurfy Job Everyone! And Special thanks to those who participated :)

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