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Smurfs Grabber Preview

So you've all seen the Smurfs' Grabber trailer right? Of course! It's Beelines newest gift to smurfy fans, yes, this means another free game.
Here is the trailer in case Gargamel has hidden it from you all this time:

At first glance you think "More smurfs! yayyy!" But has anyone taken the time to dissect every bit of this trailer? I mean look again, there so much more than meets the eye!

Let's take a closer look into the Smurfs Grabber.

First off, what kind of game is this?
Well looking at the trailer, it seems pretty simple, just grab all the stuff that pops up right?
no,no,no my friend there is specific items that you are supposed to pick up and they are in the HUD(Heads Up Display):

In this game we see Greedy Smurf and it seems like he is attempting to grab some ingredients for a delicious pie to of course, keep for himself. I believe the ingredients are eggs, chocolate, bacon, and I'm not sure about the last one.
It also looks like the game tells you what your supposed to pick up via a blue bulls eye mark below the item. As you can see the Green eggs have it. Lastly, to the far right we see a timer! I imagine in the harder levels you're going to have to be quick on your feet to get 'em all, or in this case quick on your taps :)

What will we do with the finished chocolate bacon pie?
Good question!
Once you've finished the game and acquired all the ingredients you get that nice SMURFTASTIC! from Papa Smurf and the your new item is added to your Inventory where it will never spoil.

Yes smurfling, the inventory is the most important part of Smurfs' Grabber. It consists of 4 sections. Let's look at each one below and what they are for.

The sections are divided by these tabs at the top, the first you can see is a smurfs arm flexing(Hefty Smurf showing off), I believe this is the Power Ups section.

The image above shows us that combining all sorts of created items will give us some sort of power ups to use in future grabbin'

you can also see that some numbers are in red and some in black, if the numbers are in red, it means you do not have enough items to get that power up.

The next section is the mixing section. In this section you will be able to mix certain things together to create other things!

As you can see in the image above, mixing certain potions will spawn a better potion! If you look closely at the video, you can see you can mix more than just potions :)

The third tab is the probably the best, it's the Smurf's Village tab!
Yes, THAT Smurf's Village :)

As you can see mixing a bunch of advanced mixtures will actually give you what seems to be items from the smurfs village! What the heck are you going to do with them in the Smurfs' Grabber? I believe this game will connect to your smurfs' Village and you will be able to transfer items from here to there :) Finally you can get a yellow bridge without buying smurfberries!

Now don't go on thinking all those great things will come easy, it's going to take mixing, mixing and more mixing.

What about that last tab?
The last tab my friend, I'm afraid this looks like the coins tab. I have heard from lucky Canadian users that this is where things take a slight turn. You see in this game you do not have to buy smurfberries to speed up the mixing, instead you must buy coins!

It's basically the same deal as with the Smurfs' Village, it takes time to gather all the ingredients and you have to mix and mix, so to speed up the process, you can pay. This method that the creators have come up with is slightly better than the one on the Smurfs' Village because in this one, you can't simply change the time on your device to cheat, it's actually going to take time. and if you want to speed it up, you are going to have to buy coins.

This will not discourage us though! It's still going to be a fun extension to the smurfs village :)

Wait, why didn't they just make it a mini game in the Smurf's Village?!
It is very simple friends, it would simply take up too much memory and making it a separate game helps make a heck of a lot more money.

The Smurfs Grabber looks like a 3DS game, is on the 3DS?!
Uhm.. no. But it does look it would fit perfectly on the 3DS. In fact, the creators might have gotten some inspirations from Nintendo. If you look at Nintendo's BIG first party games coming out, they have this "Box" feel to them that really makes the 3D shine.

That is all! I hope you learned something about Beelines new game :)
I can't wait for it to come out in the US, why isn't it out yet?!
I know there's probably more to this game that I did not find, if you find something nifty, please do tell, we all want to know, and it keeps us busy while we wait for the game :)

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