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Our Blog Has Changed Commenting Systems

I am thinking about changing the commenting system in this blog from the Facebook Plugin to the inovative Disqus. Well, actually I already thought about it and if you scroll down you'll notice the new change :)

The reason for this change is that the Facebook Plugin is not very stable, it seems it's entire purpose is to take things back to, it's nice but it just doesn't work as I'd like it work.

The main thing I shoot for is to let anyone that wants to comment, comment! I want it to be super easy to express your ideas. This was originally why I had the Facebook Plugin, because you did not have to log in since chances are you came from Facebook :)

This new comment system from Disqus is equally easy. You can sign in with your Facebook :) There is no need to create an account :)

Another great benefit of Disqus is that you actually know when somebody replies to your comments, you get an email. This is good because it will let me know when somebody has commented, this is a feature doesn't work at all with the Facebook plugin.

I made this post to let you all know of this new change and I want you to know that's for the best! I hope it does not discourage anyone from commenting, thank you for reading :)

And hey, try it out! Just enter a simple test comment and click "Post as" then simply sign in with Facebook :) You can even comment anonymously if you so please!

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