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One Last Beachy Moment Contest Winner!

Usually the Featured Facebook Member of the Week is crowned on Mondays, but this is a special occasion and we all want to know, who won?
In the end it was Angie Schwartz who took home the gold! Our friendly neighbors voted and they voted hers all the way to the
top on the final home stretch. I don't know what I'm typing but I think it makes sense :)

It sure was a close one! Rachel and Tracey were a mere vote away.

Here's a pic of Angies winning village beach:

And since Angie won, she now has the option to add her fabulous village to the website MyVillage. And once she does, you'll be able to click the "MyVillage" button below and check out her village :) or  if you just can't wait, you can ask, ever so kindly, for a friend request by clicking the "+F" button  and then you'll be able to give a congratulations gift while you check out her village on your device :)

Add Angie on Facebook Comment On Facebook Visit Angies MyVillage

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