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One Final Beachy Moment Contest Rules

Is it one final or one last beachy moment? hmm.. they mean the same thing so whatever!

Here are the rules:

  1. Make whatever design you want! Just make it smurfy :)
  2. The point is to make the best beach you can think of!
  3. Once you've made a pretty beachy village take a snapshot and upload it to our Ultimate Facebook Fan Page
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you add a tag to the bottom left corner with these words: One Last Beachy Moment Contest. This wont put it in a specific folder or anything but it does tell me that it's for the contest :)
  5. Have fun!
How the heck do you upload photos to the Facebook page?
It's pretty simple, just go to the wall in our page and at the top where you write a new comment you can upload your photo there :)

How many different entries can I submit?
As many as you want!

When does the contest start?
Right now!!! well it started Monday the 15th :)

What! When does it end?
your last day to submit your entry will be Friday the 26th!

So how does the winner get chosen?
Very simple, once your village photo is up, smurfy friends will be able to vote by clicking the "Like" button :)

Do we win smurfy smurfberries?
uhm... no.. :(
What you do win is you get to be our smurfy member of the week for the following Monday after the contest ends! :)
AND your village will be added to MyVillage! The smurfy new site will launch on that same Monday.

What the heck is MyVillage?!
It's another cool site I am making where I will upload some peoples villages, its a site ALL about the village :) so that cool village you make will be on the internet forever and you will be able to show it to everyone in the world!

Every member that wins member of the week or a contest will have the option of having their village immortalized on the site.

If you win a contest on a different Smurfs Fan Page you will also have the option to upload your winning village :)

Why wont everyone be able to upload their village?
Because uploading a village is no easy task. It must be done manually by Brainy Smurf. If everyone had the option to send me their village there would be too much work! And Papa Smurf doesn't like it when you over work the smurfs!

I have another question, how can I contact you?
Comment below :) 

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