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How to Enter the Contest

There are only 7 days left to submit a pic of your village for a chance to be Featured Facebook Member of the Week! Remember, the winner also gets to upload their village to the new MyVillage site :)

A few of you might not be so sure how to enter, so let me walk you through the process:

Here's the run down:
STEP 1: Go to the Smurfs app and smurf up the beach area of your village.
STEP 2: take a picture of your smurfed up beach.
STEP 3: E-mail the picture to yourself.
STEP 4: Open up the e-mail on your computer and save the picture.
STEP 5: Head on over to the Smurfs' Village Ultimate Fan page.
Step 6: Upload your picture to the pages wall.
Step 7: Tell all your friends to vote for your village by liking it!
Step 8: Go to your kitchen and make yourself a sandwich.
Step 9: Come back and check how many people have liked your beach.
Step 10: Repeat steps 7-9 until you have enough likes on your village to win.

Now here we go with some pictures to help out:
Go to your village...
Doesn't matter how you take the picture, just capture that smurf'n village. After that, it will be saved to your Photos App. Go to it and then email it to yourself from there, like this...
Simple enough?
now check your email on your computer and download the image to your desktop. If you don't know how to save to desktop, instead of downloading, click on view and you will view the image in the browser, from there Drag & Drop to your desktop.

Now you go to our the Facebook Fan page...
...and click on Photo to upload the pic
Your village will now be up on the wall, but you have one final step you need to do. Tag the village!
After this, you are done and now you wait for people to vote on your village. if you have the most votes on Friday the 26th, you will win the contest. And yes, you CAN vote for yourself!

I hope you didn't find this too complicated and I also hope to see your beach up on our wall, I am sad to see nobody has posted up their village :( I hope this just means your all designing some smurftacular beachs :)

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