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Gift All - The Feature Every Avid Smurfer Wants

Is the "Gift All" feature coming? It's something many people around the Smurf community have been asking for, for quiet a while now. And it has been rumored to be in the making. But is it true? Well...
I wish I knew.

But SVFriends has already started a petition which has so far 91 unique signs! and by signs, I mean Facebook Likes :)

That's pretty good, let's all help out by adding more  Likes :)

If you are new and are wondering what this whole "Gift All" business is all about, let me quickly explain.

Veteran Smurfers can have upwards of hundreds of friends, or smurf neighbors. Having so many friends I'm sure you know would take forever to send each and every one a gift. Sometimes it gets so tiring that we just give up and only gift some of our friends or none at all. Earlier I wrote about a different feature, the "Show Friends Gift History" feature, which would be nice to have in case you have a friend who has so many friends that he doesn't even gift you or anybody!

But having a "Gift All" feature would definitely help us all out and would probably eliminate the need to hunt down those friends who don't gift. I would give reasons why, but I believe it's pretty much a no brianer, next time you're playing and trying to gift all your friends, you'll remember this post and be like "man, we really DO need that feature!"

So with that I will rest my case :)

Now, lets help Beeline out a bit. Here's how I believe this feature would fit in perfectly:

Beeline works their butt off to create a new smurf with an awesome wagon or spaceship or something, whatever, and of course -- like the "Plant All" feature -- you must pay some smurfberries for it :)

Click to see it full screen!

I don't like paying smurfberries either but I'm sure you'll agree, it's well worth it. Heck this feature is so wanted smurfers would even pay 40 smurfberries!

And then once you buy it, you go to your neighbors villages and WHOUW!

Click to see it full screen!

There is the smurf with his wagon or rocket, whatever, but he's ready to go! As you can see the smurfs have been packing and it's filled with gifts, all it needs is one little tap :)

Once you tap "Gift All" would just choose the gift and Blast Off!

Pretty good eh? Tell me, what do you think? Please help SVFriends, by going here and signing the petition :)
You can also Like this post and we can combine all the likes I guess :)


One last thing, please note that I do not work for Beeline. This is not something that is in the making(that I am aware of) I am a smurfs fan just like you :)

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