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We've Reached 100 Likes!

What a smurf-tacular day! Our Facebook page has reached 100 likes.

This awesome fan page and blog were created to provide smurfy smurf players with some more smurf related stuff. I am pretty good with Photoshop, although I do not own Photoshop as it is too expensive for me. I am only able to use in in school. But here at home I use Gimp and am still able to make some pretty sweet things for you!

I have already made the following:
-4 Profile Pics
-1 Smurfs wallpaper
-1 awesome idea

I believe that's all of done in these past two weeks. It's kinda hard to believe that two weeks since I started this! but I am not done with this blog, far from it, I still have a few ideas up my sleeve. So if you like The Smurfs' Village, remember, I make things you might like! So be sure to check back again and again!

Also if you have something in mind that you would like me to make, I can do that too!

I like doing this stuff, it's fun :)
And to all those people that have "Liked" our cool page, I thank you. I only keep working on this because I think some people like it! so thank you again :)

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