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New Name, New Game

We now have an awesome new name!
The domain name for this blog has changed from to
It's shorter now and probably easier to remember.

Also, you might have noticed that if you save this blog to your IOS device, you will get a nice icon of Linkvier smurf! awesome :)

I have some sad news too, since we changed name, the Facebook Social Plugins did not change with us, I do not know how to update them, or if it's even possible. As such, all comments from previous have been lost... :(

All blog post likes are also gone...
And worst of all the "Add Me" list we had going on is now gone too! bad bad bad...
If you would like, you can add yourself again :)

One last thing I want to mention today is this new smurfs game for Facebook. Look's like Ubisoft is behind this. I have been getting numerous invites to this game but I am not so sure... What do you guys think? Go check it out and tell me if you think its worth joining :)

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