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Smurfs Village Proposition To Add Friends Gift History

Hello, Linkvier here, presenting to you a new concept for The Smurfs' Village :)

If Beeline is reading this, I really hope you take this into consideration. I think it really would make a lot of people happy.

Ok, here's my idea!
So you know how adding neighbors is kind of a big deal? I mean they send you gifts to your village, and you can get a lot of XP if you have A LOT of neighbors. The current system is nice, that is, if you have about 5 friends. When you think about it, you really want all the gifts you can get and since you can only get one a day from a single friend, then logically you want as many friends as you can get. The problem now becomes, managing all these friends.

Say You have 25 friends. In hopes of getting 25 gifts back, you go ahead and spend a hefty amount of time on gifting all 25 of your friends. But then at the end of the day, you only get like 7 gifts back. Some neighbors don't even gift back! They upwards of 200+ friends and they don't have to do anything because they have friends with 25 friends who will always gift them in hopes of a gift-back. But they really don't have a solid way of knowing who's being a good neighbor and who isn't.

Of course, there ARE ways. You can get a pen and paper write down all your neighbors names and when you pick up the gift it tells you "Linkvier has sent you a gift" so you cross out the name and when your done get rid of the friends who never gift you. Managing things this way would work, but it would feel like a horrible chore.
Actually Christa made me realize this does NOT work.

Then you could also check the Game Center app, see which of your friends aren't active. But this is hardly a good way to go by as it doesn't let you know if a particular friend has gifted you.

Now, wouldn't it just be the neatest thing to have a "Friends Gift History" button somewhere inside The Smurfs' Village app?

Just imagine...

My idea is this, remove all the neighbors and instead add a "visit friends villages" or "Visit neighbors" whatever works. And then also add a "Friends Gift History" and "My Gift history" much like the image I have put together above.

When you tap on "Friends Gift History" it would take you to this nice list...

This list has the names of all your neighbors and their respective level. It also shows you the last day they have sent you a gift, how many gifts they've  sent you, and how much xp you've earned because of this friend.

In the bottom you see two more categories, they are the total number of gifts you've ever received and the total number of xp you ever received.

Another important thing I did not illustrate is the ability to see which of your friends are actually active on The Smurfs' Village app. There could also be a green circle to left of your friends name to indicate that they are online, and if you tap on their name this thing could pop up to send a request for a gift! You know to give people a chance to gift you, and if they never do... well you could easily swipe left and this DELETE button would slide on from the right and you could remove them as neighbors!

Now tell me this would not be awesome!

NOTE: If you click on the images above you can see them in full size and save them to your iPod or iPhone, then you can really see how awesome this feature would be, it really makes you want to scroll down that list.

For the "My Gift History" section, well that would work very similarly. You would see all your neighbors and the last day you gifted them and so forth.

Tapping on a friends name here would give you the ability to go to their village in gift them! or skip going to their village and just gift them from right there!

I understand this might be heavy stuff. I can't imagine the coding it takes to create this wonderful app. It would be perfectly understandable if Beeline made this that they make it like the ability of a certain Smurf that you have to purchase with Smurfberries. It wouldn't matter though, because this would be a really cool feature if they brought it to life.


-Linkvier :)

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