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Pretty Wallpapers For All Your Devices!

Yeah it's true. The very first smurf wallpaper has been created!

Papa Smurf would be proud...
If you can't wait to get your hands on this wallpaper, you will wait no more. Just follow the link for the device you would like it for:

How To Get 'Em:

For Desktop - once you click the link of the device you want the wallpaper for, scroll to the bottom where the actual image file is attached. Either click the "view" link or the "download" link. If you don't want to download the image directly, just click the "view" link and then you can zoom in and then drag and drop the image to your desktop. I think from there you should know how to add it to your desktop.

Also note that some browser like Firefox, I think, allow you to simply left click on the image and install to background without downloading it or dragging and dropping. I am not sure though, Google Chrome does not have this feature.

For IOS Devices - On your iPod, iPhone or iPad, come to this site then click the device you want the wallpaper for. Once you've clicked the link, swipe to go to the bottom and you should see the image file, you should click view as you can not download on those devices, once you view the actual image, touch the image for a few seconds and something should pop up. tap "Save Image." The wallpaper will now be saved in your Photos. You should then head to your devices setting and change your wallpaper accordingly.

Please not that by iPod I mean the iPod 4th generation. If you have earlier models and this wallpaper doesn't work for you, I would be happy to make one for older versions.

That is all for today my smurftacular friends :)
I will be making more wallpapers for you to enjoy in the future. Next in my agenda, I will try to update this blogs logo for a much snazzier one and make some more Smurf profile pics.


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