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New Update Belongs To Farmer Smurf

Hello fellow Smurfers, I'm sure by now you heard the news. If not, here goes.

Beeline has submitted the update to Apple and it should be ready for you in just a few days. This smurf'n new update, I must say belongs to Farmer Smurf. You can tell by what will soon be then newest app icon. Look:

Looks nice hu? No your right, it looks smurfy :)
Let's move on to the awesome new updates in this update! Directly from Beeline:

I know what you're thinking, what the heck are shrubs?! Click to find out ;)
I think a fan favorite will be the new "Plant All" feature that is coming to Farmer Smurf. I know I will be VERY happy with this one. I will also love the 3 new decorative items because there just never seems to be enough stuff to decorate your village.

And of course there will be SIX new crops! They will come in two separate packs which I'm sure means you'll have to buy them with some smurfberries.

Another big thing is the land expansion you'll be able to purchase. Honestly, I didn't think this one was possible. There is already huge amounts of space. Seriously, have you ever gotten a full snapshot of the entire village?

Finally we've got more levels and bug fixes coming our way. I told you my thoughts, now you tell me, what are you most excited about smurfy friends?

Oh yeah I also can't wait for the cosmetic changes to the beach. I was thinking the beach looked kinda ugly...

-Linkvier :)

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