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Smurfette's Magic Match Preview

Beeline's third Smurfs game is out! This one features the one and only Smurfette and can be straight out categorized as a girl game--but hey, we're not here to judge. We all know we're all gonna play it eventually. In SMurfette's Magic match you'll be able to dress up Smurfette any way you please, and when you've had enough of that, you can get to the main game which is a match-four candy crush clone. Here's the trailer:

Tag Your Friends #2

It's finally here! The second image designed by... can you guess? Yes me! :-) Here you can tag your friends with Smurfette and even Sassette!! Along with the rest of the lil smurfy smurfs. Also at the bottom you can see the snail and caterpillar which are awesome friends you can get in The Smurfs' Village.

What Kind Of Smurfberries Are You On?!

Holy smokes! Someone has been touching the forbidden Smurfberries again! Just don't let Papa Smurf find you like this ;-)

Timeline Covers - Smurfs Valentines Day

Hello friends, check this out. Two smurfy quotes to smurf up your Facebook Timelines :-)

One with Smurfette and the second with Sassette Smurf! Hope you all enjoy and have a smurfin' smurfy Valentines Day!

Smurfette In Costume Profile Picture

Smurfette likes to dress up on Halloween too you know. Here is her Halloween profile picture. It's pretty simple, she's just pulled her hair back and is rocking a purple mask, she became Lone Smurf after she mixed a super secret purple potion! If you ever saw Smurfette on the Smurfs' Village app with her

Smurfette Profile Picture

Finally Smurfette profile pictures are out! Put up Smurfette as your profile picture for a day or a month, as you please :) There are two, but they are practically the same, one is just zoomed in a bit more. And click here if you want to see Smurfette's profile picture in her 2011 Halloween costume!

Featured Facebook Member of the Week: 9-05-2011

This weeks special person will have to be our friend Stig! That's right Stig, you're taking popper smurfs golden cup this week.
Why has our friend Stig won this week? If you did not already know, Stig has been one of the unlucky smurfs out there that got Papa Smurfs quest which requires you to buy the...